PAT Limited

Communication architecture relies on one key aspect more than it does any other – reliability. Over and above the products that support the communication infrastructure, the reliability of your telecom networks rely on solutions and the ability of those solutions to navigate you through a range of unknowns, through what’s coming next. From core to access, from head-end to outside plant, from wire line to wireless, the solutions that support businesses prepare you for the next unplanned outage within the network infrastructure, the next unexpected growth rate in the space, the next dominant technologies.

Power & Automation Technologies is the leading supplier of Telecom Power Solutions for off-grid & unreliable grid telecom sites, providing grid autonomy and taking advantage of renewable energy. Our solutions are modular, easy to install, flexible for the future and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

PAT knows power & battery management and how to deliver network-wide rollouts. The solutions are underpinned by a network wide power management platform which delivers a warranted level of performance